Features of Foundation Program
Usual schooling
  • Emphasis on short-term memory.
  • Cramming information.
  • Makes students remember formulae.
  • Proofs are demons; somehow remember them.
  • Joy of learning is lost in copying readymade solutions.
  • Textbooks are sacrosanct. Don’t question them.
  • Content of textbook is the ultimate limit. Guides and workbooks are the only extra material.
  • Slow pace of learning due to heterogeneous group of students.
  • Students barely learn one proof of Pythagoras Theorem in std. X.
  • Caters to the needs of a general student.
M. Prakash Academy
  • Emphasis on understanding the subject and appreciating it.
  • Acquiring knowledge.
  • Makes students recognize logic behind the formulae.
  • Make friends with Proofs. Play with them, appreciate their elegance.
  • Teachers provide impetus and students enjoy discovering solutions on their own.
  • Everything can be questioned. Textbooks are no exception.
  • Content of textbook is the point of takeoff. Exposure to internationally renowned books.
  • Fast pace of meaningful learning due to selected homogeneous group of students.
  • Our students learn a dozen proofs of Pythagoras Theorem in 8th std.!
  • Caters to aspirations of enthusiastic and hardworking students.